Sex Robots

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sex-robots3Some few years ago, the idea of sex robots was but a remote possibility, something close to science fiction. But this is no longer the case! Companies have come up with robots that will offer humans not just sexual pleasure, but also do so in a way that greatly resembles the real thing. From making the sounds and talks common during sex, these robots are designed to revolutionalize how people view sex and sex toys in particular. But this new invention is facing unprecedented opposition from activists who argue that the robots may have negative effects on the society.

One of the activists in the frontline against Sex Robots is Kathleen Richardson, who is a robot analyst at De Montfort University in Leicester, in the UK. She says that these robots can be confused by most people as ordinary toys that will help reduce the demand for sex workers, and other vices associated with the sex trade. But upon closer consideration, things are a bit more complicated.

“But then as I researched the subject more I found that the opposite was true—that rather than reduce the objectification of women, children and also men and transgender people, these robots would contribute and reinforce their position in society (as objects).”

sex-robots2Richardson further suggests that these robots are nothing more than sex paraphernalia that will help reinforce the negative perception of women as mere sex objects.

Although sex toys and dolls are not a new phenomenon, what’s different about these robots is the fact they are made so much like a real woman; human size, and the ability to moan, whine, even whisper some nice words during sex with a man. In China, sex robots made of rubber, silicone, and other soft materials are common with clients from all over the world.  They are given feminine names, and the buyer is made to feel like they really own a real woman.

One of the leading companies making sex robots is True Companion, a company famous for making the first sex robot in the world. The robot was named Roxxy, and could among other things have an orgasm. Did you hear that? Yes, a robot capable of having an orgasm! Roxxy was hailed as a robot that was capable of identifying the user’s tastes, likes, dislikes, favorite styles, and so on so forth.
“Roxxxy provides physical and sexual pleasure but also provides social interaction and engagement,” said Douglas Hines, the brains behind Roxxy. “It’s customizing technology to provide a perfect partner – she’s not meant to replace a real partner but is meant as a supplement,” he added.

Hines also added that that the invention of Sex robots was a nice idea and would help reduce domestic and sexual abuse, even sex trafficking.

sex-robotsHowever, not everyone seems to agree. Erik Billing, a Senior lecturer at a University in Sweden recently told CNBC that he had reservations about the so called sex robots. He argues that this phenomenon of sex robots was part of a global trend occasioned by the internet; people can shop from home, live alone and work from home. These are other social impacts of the internet, despite research showing that human being’s need of contact with others is essential.

“Introducing sex robots that could replace partners is the extreme of this trend, where we start to objectify our human relationships,” he concluded.


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Virtual Reality Porn

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vr-porn (2) Naughty America is on for a big bet on VR porn at SXSW

AUSTIN, TEXAS – The virtual reality by Southwest at South is on everyone’s lip, but in the early going there is not much new to view and hear. Not until Wednesday did the VR/AR track & gaming kick off. In the meantime, so many companies like Samsung were out for increasingly immersive experiences and continuous display of well-worn Gear VR headsets.

You need to face the giant window in the heart of Austin and sit in the gimbal chair so those on the outside can see your reaction, even though you can’t view anything that lies beyond the real world.

It’s so unlikely those experiencing the VR content of Naughty America would feel as convenient in that window. Maybe that is the more reason I found Ian Paul, the company CIO a mile away from the convention hall hosting VR demos and meetings.

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Maybe Paul is taking the advice of the VR hardware manufacturers a little too factually. The company’s content presently plays on Oculus Rift, Samsung Gear VR headsets, Google Cardboard, and they are targeting the HTC Vive. Paul said, “while the companies encourage us and say kudos, they also kind of say don’t move so close.”

On my arrival to the dusty backyard of the Craftsman Bar, I sighted the Samsung Gear VR headsets with the Samsung logos covered by the Naughty America VR stickers on a pair of female porn stars. The Photographers crowded them, and no one could have a glimpse of what they were experiencing, even the mob of photographers kept asking them to remove the headgear so they could easily photograph them.

Meeting with Paul, who previously worked in the telecommunications and at IBM,

he was carrying headphones and a Gear VR that, not humorously, were preventatively covered with a good cotton

he was carrying headphones and a Gear VR that, not humorously, were preventatively covered with a good cotton. I demurred at first when he offered that I try the experience. I was interested in digging a bit further into this VR porn business and, truly, who would like to follow Raymond Analyst Mashable Product Wong’s memorable VR porn experience?

The naughty industry is not diving in

vr-pornNaughty America still treats the way they shoot their VR POV porn like a secret trade. Just because they bother about consumers getting to know how it is done (If a 360 camera can be attached to a person’s head. How difficult can that be? and….. much said about that already), but because they are making all possible effort to remain on top and ahead of contending pornographers.

A pair of Naughty America actresses trying out VR adult content

Image: Mashable, Lance Ulanoff

“We are the largest company doing this out of the two or three companies that produce adult content. Most are doing a wait and follow approach. These other companies challenge is that there is no pattern for them to follow.” Also, to shoot these videos takes a whole lot of money investment and time. It took Naughty America 6 months of experimentation before it could release its first VR video.

Build a whole room and train

Meanwhile, Paul said his company is working on the expansion of the point of views in the content. Currently, VR porn is just nothing different from shooting any other VR content; you have to hide audio and lighting equipment and make a more visible set to avoid consumers looking above, below, to the right and left of it. Sure, the VR porn content may make them concentrate, but in my brief demo (I realized I had to make an attempt), I kept viewing the whole room (which might have been to prevent me from looking straight at the virtual adult performing right in front of me).

Paul added that, to make the experience “more attracting, they do train their performers on using the latest visual depth supported by the 3D VR cameras since all his performers are “seasoned pros”. That seemed to mean “push yourself into their face” in my demo.

It’s a small business

There is this common fiction that porn pushes forward all novelty. Yes, this helped in the late 1970s and early 1980s VHS/VCR market and may have pushed forward the adoption of the DVD, but the industry was too slow to ratify HD. Some of that initially may have been compelled by how traditional HDTVs and HD content slowly entered the market in the early to mid1990s. Probably VR is experiencing a similar drought in demand. It was noted from a recent study that just 33 percent of Americans know about VR, and 36 percent want to buy it.

Paul told me that his company only sells just 3% to 5% VR of all the adult content

There will be more VR porn

Though without much support from customer, Naughty America is increasing the offerings of its VR to go beyond of what Paul seem to see as a speedily growing demand. Paul said “This is moving extremely fast, even faster than everyone’s thoughts. If we look at the mobile phones versus uptake, the rate of adoption of this technology, the curve is getting more vertical,” The company will unveil Randy’s Road stop, a VR-centric website on Wednesday.

Also, the company is discussing how they can work with the VR headset experience with third-party sexual accessory companies. Clearly, the aim is to sync with a physical device all that happens in the 360 views in the real world. However, Paul says Naughty America has greater strategies than just sexual excitement. Ultimately, they want to help drive future VR adult content using the data documented from the accessories so that it can tailor it to the desires of the viewers.

Paul thinks the future for adult content, and virtual reality is bright, and he is rightly set to help move it forward. He added, “If you are a technologist like me, there is no greater industry to be in because I have all the funding required to try new things.

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Lab grown vagina´s

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sexy_scientistA dream has come true for almost the entire population of teenage boys who are nerdy, have no game, and are heterosexual: Labs are now creating vaginas!  The idea behind the process compared to those of the teenage boys is a little different than one might think. Its not for the purpose you are thinking either, keep your mind out of the gutter!

At the Institute for Regenerative Medicine (Wake Forest Baptist), they discovered the ability to grow vaginal organs in labs. After these are grown, they were able to implant them successfully into a group of four women in their teens. They were able to do this using the teenage woman’s own cells.

The four women chosen for this operation all had a rare syndrome called “Mayer-Rokitansky-Küster-Hauser”.  This condition prevents the uterus and vagina from fully developing; in some cases they are missing entirely. This rare phenomenon is only seen in 1/4500 woman.

Other efforts have been made in attempts to treat this issue. Tissues from the intestinal tracts and buttocks were used, but were not very successful.  The Wake Forest Baptist discovered a groundbreaking method by using cells and muscle from the patient’s outer tissue from the genitals. Dr. Anthony and a team of experts discovered this.  They were able to develop the tissue in four weeks from only a sample size of a postage stamp.  Once this point is reached, they attach the skin to a biodegradable material that is in the shape of a vagina, and is hand sewn.  It is comparable to the shape of a champagne glass.

Following the fifth week, the medical surgeons suture the piece to the patient’s reproductive organs. This process actually promotes the formation of blood vessels and scaffold cells to grow leading to a “new vagina”.

sexy_scientist2This surgery took place between June 2005 and October 2008. Between the four involved, they found fully recovered and fully functioning vaginas! After the patients filled out a questionnaire for “Female Sexual Function Index”, they all reported regular, non-painful, sexual function, desire, and intercourse. This shows a promising efficient vaginal reconstruction application for us as we move towards the future. This also serves patients with vaginal cancer, congenital syndromes, and varied injuries!

Science is a wonderful thing!


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