Lab grown vagina´s

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sexy_scientistA dream has come true for almost the entire population of teenage boys who are nerdy, have no game, and are heterosexual: Labs are now creating vaginas!  The idea behind the process compared to those of the teenage boys is a little different than one might think. Its not for the purpose you are thinking either, keep your mind out of the gutter!

At the Institute for Regenerative Medicine (Wake Forest Baptist), they discovered the ability to grow vaginal organs in labs. After these are grown, they were able to implant them successfully into a group of four women in their teens. They were able to do this using the teenage woman’s own cells.

The four women chosen for this operation all had a rare syndrome called “Mayer-Rokitansky-Küster-Hauser”.  This condition prevents the uterus and vagina from fully developing; in some cases they are missing entirely. This rare phenomenon is only seen in 1/4500 woman.

Other efforts have been made in attempts to treat this issue. Tissues from the intestinal tracts and buttocks were used, but were not very successful.  The Wake Forest Baptist discovered a groundbreaking method by using cells and muscle from the patient’s outer tissue from the genitals. Dr. Anthony and a team of experts discovered this.  They were able to develop the tissue in four weeks from only a sample size of a postage stamp.  Once this point is reached, they attach the skin to a biodegradable material that is in the shape of a vagina, and is hand sewn.  It is comparable to the shape of a champagne glass.

Following the fifth week, the medical surgeons suture the piece to the patient’s reproductive organs. This process actually promotes the formation of blood vessels and scaffold cells to grow leading to a “new vagina”.

sexy_scientist2This surgery took place between June 2005 and October 2008. Between the four involved, they found fully recovered and fully functioning vaginas! After the patients filled out a questionnaire for “Female Sexual Function Index”, they all reported regular, non-painful, sexual function, desire, and intercourse. This shows a promising efficient vaginal reconstruction application for us as we move towards the future. This also serves patients with vaginal cancer, congenital syndromes, and varied injuries!

Science is a wonderful thing!